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Grilled Meat

Having barbeque nights along with your friends on your rooftops throughout summer nights, in anticipation of some cool summer breeze could sound like fun. However, grilled meat is cooked at high temperatures and when the temperature is already high outside, the combination can increase the carcinogen quality of grilled meat and up your risk of developing cancer.

Ice Cream

This is one in every one of the foremost common snacks that is desired by most of the people, age no bar, throughout the summers, so as to beat the heat! The superb style and cooling result of ice creams make it a summer favorite. However, ice creams are high in fat and sugar content, increasing your risk of developing obesity and diabetes.


Again, it would look like fun to relax with a glass of chilled wine or AN iced-cocktail, throughout summers. However, alcohol has the power to instantly increase your vital sign, simply with one or 2 drinks! Apart from that, alcohol may also worsen dehydration throughout summers and lower your system, creating you prone to a variety of diseases.


This advice can definitely be a disappointment to many, as summers in India are synonymous with mangoes! This seasonal fruit is big extravagantly throughout the summers and other people love them. However, the fact is that mangoes also have the ability to increase body heat and give rise to a number of undesirable symptoms and ailments like diarrhea, stomach upset, headaches, etc., especially during summers.

Dairy products

If you’re feeling like sipping on a thick, cold drink to chill off, this summer, then you will not need to try to to it on a daily basis as a result off arm merchandise can also cause ailments during the summer. When the temperature is high outside, your body heat would also be higher and milk products like milk, butter, cheese, curd, etc., can undergo abnormal fermentation in the stomach due to body heat and cause indigestion.

Oily foods

Oily foods and junk foods, like deep deep-fried things, curries, etc., square measure thought of to be unhealthy, not simply in summers, however all the time, as they’ll cause a number of serious ailments in people. Oily foods can be worse when had during summers, as they too can spike up body heat and lower your immunity, along with all the other problems they can cause.

Hot beverages

Most people cannot operate while not having a cup of piping hot occasional or tea within the morning, right? While this habit might cause you to feel a lot of energetic, intense occasional and tea frequently throughout summers may increase body heat and dehydration. So, substituting them with green tea or iced coffees can help you remain healthier.

Dry fruits

As we tend to might already apprehend, dry fruits, like dates, raisins, apricots, etc., are extraordinarily healthy, as they’re loaded with powerful nutrients. However, you will need to travel simply on them throughout the summers, as dry fruits may also increase blood heat which isn’t an honest factor to happen when the temperature is already high outside.


Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, etc., can make your dishes taste and smell amazing! However, adding spices to your dishes throughout the summer can even boost your body heat more, creating you are feeling dehydrated and sick.


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